Quick Study


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Quick Study

actually not so quick, about 2 hours, got lazy in the end with the hair and kinda skipped.


Piece of thought



Because I’m feeling good enough, I thought I would write something down. I am actually feeling very accomplished today, been painting a lot for my Final Year Project and feeling good about them. Although it turned out that my FYP supervisor wasn’t as fond of those as I am.

I admit I kinda got carried away with my painting and sometimes forgot that right now my background styles, etc have to serve my character animation. Truth is I don’t like my story very much that’s why I want to polish the background, visual developments to compensate for it. Heck, it’s actually what I would like to do after I graduate anyways, not animating animation. I’m not against it at all, I love animating too, it’s just I prefer painting.

Anyways, back to the topic. I love the style right now, I think it looks good for illustration, yet it’s a different story for animation. But we will see. Right now, I don’t have time to doubt myself, gotta roll with it you know.

I have also painted a lot today besides FYP. A little digital photo study, which turned out okay, will post it later. Also two oil painting studies. Did I say I love painting on canvas? It was my first time today and I love it. It’s not so rough like board and papers. It felt so good. Will probably do more tml. And need to buy more small size canvases too, for more practice. (Oh, did you hear my wallet  screaming?) A few more days when the paintings dried, I’ll share them ^___^